Kym Scott

Opened up my Christmas present on the streets of the North End in Boston the other day: my Mamiya. These are low res scans edited with my phone so you can’t get the real feel of the quality of medium format film, but I’m happy nevertheless 😍. Can’t wait to use it a lot more!

reginaldthomasphotography asked: I've been hitting the follow button each way possible all day since you followed me, Tumblr's messing up. I love your work, and I like how you use ambient light.

Thank you very much😊😊😊. Sometimes it’s ambient and other times it’s one light bounced off the ceiling. Anything that can give me the effect of sunlight whenever I want itπŸ˜„. About tumblr, it’s weird being on a social network where you’re only allowed to answer a question ONCE. You won’t be able to reply to my reply without asking another question entirely. Will be looking for your follow when it works though! You have beautiful work as well. Happy shooting!

meriwalker asked: Hey Kym, thanks so much for following me on my iphoneartgirl blog. I am just bowled over by the beauty of your work. Would love to reblog it on my joyofiphoneography blog where I'm sharing the work of other iphoneographers. I see you're shooting with your iphone and also a DSLR. Do you tag your work with what you were shooting with, by any chance? I'd like to share it - regardless - but I'm trying to keep the sharing at the joyofiphoneography site to iphone work. HAPPY TO MEET YOU!

Nice to meet you as well!

Yes, I usually tag my iphone work with the iphoneography tag. Although I may not have used this wisdom in my earlier work ;-). I didn’t make a habit of tagging my DSLR work, but it’s not square format either. Hope this helps? THANK YOU for promoting my work through your blog :-))